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Help is here to break out of your patterns and recurring bad feelings. It's time to get on with your healing.

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    Are you frustrated by the lack of control you have over your moods and reactions?

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    Do you have the same problems or challenges over and over?

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    Do you find self-care and self-compassion challenging?

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GuruMeher Khalsa

Author and Lead Teacher

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist and Professional Life Coach and have been teaching and counseling for forty years. My quest for personal healing and clinical experience with clients led to a discovery of the key role of emotions as a natural system of psychological self-healing. Emotional Liberation joins my first book, Senses of the Soul: Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance in providing a simple and effective method to use difficult feelings as tools for personal growth. I continue to teach and coach emotional skills and self-healing with clients and groups as well as training therapists and healing professionals to add this work to their practices. See more at www.emotional-liberation.com

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  • What benefits can I expect?

    Emotions, which are for better or worse ever-present in our lives, will never again be a mystery. You will learn why you feel bad or how to feel better. You will be on a clear path to develop emotional maturity. You will understand the root cause and cure for the things that have upset you for years. Emotions will be a rich source of healthy responses to your world. And if healing old wounds is needed, you will shift your relationship to the past so it becomes a source of wisdom and empowerment. You’ll discover your inborn ability to learn and grow stronger from any challenge.

  • What if I don't have any trauma or have severe trauma?

    We all have experienced things in our lives that have limited us in some way. Regardless of whether yours are so small that you dismiss them and don't even consider them to be trauma, or whether they were earth-shattering, this process can dissolve denial, intimidation or overwhelm between you and those adverse experiences; it puts the power back in your hands.

  • Are there videos to watch or is it live with you?

    Both. Every week, you’ll meet with me live along with the other participants to get support and coaching. You’ll also get a new video to watch, along with written self-discovery exercises, a daily practice, and other resources to support your healing and emotional evolution.

  • How much time will it take?

    Each week is anchored by an anytime video of lecture and practices for about one hour, and a valuable one hour of live group coaching to realize practical change (it will also be recorded so you can (re)view any time). These alone will bring great change. As your time and interest allow, there are readings, written exercises, and suggested daily meditations. This can fit a busy schedule while having enough resources to support a full study and personal transformation.

  • I've never done group work before and may not want to share on Zoom.

    Safety first! It's always your choice to share your darkest pain or be silent and anonymous. I specialize in creating a safe and sacred environment in which speaking of things that we all experience comes easily and with tremendous benefit. This is often students' favorite part of the course.

  • Is it worth the money?

    This a very individual question and personal decision. I'll just say that in my life I have spent a good bit of time and money (I put it in my budget!) over the years on personal growth and my mental-emotional health. And I enjoy the cumulative benefits every day.

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“In his groundbreaking work, GuruMeher Khalsa reveals the pivotal role difficult emotions serve in healing and offers a step-by-step method for releasing trauma.”

Becca Williams, RDN, emotional wellness educator

“GuruMeher’s work has done wonders for me and so many of my clients who suffer from trauma-based shame and lack of self-love.”

Annette D, Counselor

“I now see how my past trauma was at the core of everything that was holding me back. I pushed through life so hard, even success was painful. Emotional Liberation has helped me turn my numbed shame into self-love.”

Atma Nilsson, Psychiatric Nurse

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Begin Here!

    • A Welcome from GuruMeher

    • Take this quick orientation to the classroom

    • Focus Your Intentions for the Course

    • Video of March 2nd Group Session

    • Audio Recording of March 2nd Group Session

    • Share! Join the Discussion

  • 2

    Class 1- What’s Bugging You? Find Out to Stop Freaking Out

    • Class 1 Video, Guide and Worksheet

    • Triggers Worksheet to Submit Online

    • Audio Guide to the XYZ pattern exercise

    • Video of March 9th Group Session

    • Audio of March 9th Group Session

  • 3

    Class 1b - Preparation to Observe Emotions Neutrally

    • Riverbank Meditation: 8.5min

  • 4

    Class 2- Get to Know Your Patterns and Emotions

    • Class 2 Video and Guide

    • Class 2 Reactions Worksheets - Download Printable PDF and Editable Excel versions

    • Class 2 - Virtue and Meditative State Meditations

    • Class 2 Mental-Emotional States

    • Class 2 Emotional Intelligence Guide

    • Class 2 SOS Method

    • Video of March 16th Group Session

    • Audio of March 16th Group Session

  • 5

    Class 3 - Work with Your Emotions to Fulfill Their Purpose

    • Class 3 Video and Guide

    • Difficult Emotions Worksheet PDF

    • Difficult Emotions Worksheet .doc

    • Class 3 Practice for Fear

    • Class 3 Practice to Release Anger

    • Class 3 Practice for Anger

    • Class 3 Practice for Grief

    • Class 3 Practice for Depression

    • Class 3 Practice for Guilt

    • Class 3 Practice for Shame

    • Video of March 23rd Group Session

    • Audio of March 23rd Group Session

  • 6

    Class 4 - Desire and Needs: The Source of Your Patterns

    • Class 4 Video and Guide

    • Class 4 Practices for Desire

    • Class 4 Psychological Needs

    • Class 4 Meditation with Desire

    • Audio of March 30th Group Session

    • Video of March 30th Group Session

  • 7

    Class 5 - Trauma: Source of Pain, Patterns, and Transformation

    • Class 5 Video and Guide

    • Class 5 Practice for Personal Protection

    • Class 5 The Invincible Shield Practice

    • Class 5 Life Events’ Impact Assessment

    • Class 5 Bonus: Seven-Day Practice to Shake Off Trauma

    • Video of April 6th Group Session

    • Audio of April 6th Group Session

  • 8

    Class 6 - Resilience & Recovery Through Fulfilling Needs

    • Class 6 Video, Guide and Worksheets

    • Class 6 - Breath Practice 1 to Exalt and Soothe

    • Class 6 - Breath Practice 2 for Human Kindness

    • Class 6 - Breath Practice 3 for Peace and Fulfillment

    • Video of April 13th Group Session

    • Audio of April 13th Group Session

    • Audio of April 20th Group Session

  • 9

    Class 7 - New Story, Better Beliefs

    • Class 7 Video, Guide and Worksheets

    • Class 7 - Breath Practice to Get to the Truth

    • Reactions Worksheet "After": Your Exit Strategies - editable

    • Reactions Worksheet "After": Your Exit Strategies - download and print

    • Don't Get Stuck in a Single Story, A TED talk

    • Video of April 20th Group Session

  • 10

    Class 8 - Move On and Leave Your Patterns Behind

    • Class 8 Video and Guide

    • Reactions Worksheet "After": Your Exit Strategies - editable

    • Reactions Worksheet "After": Your Exit Strategies - download and print

    • Class 8 - Practice 1 to Be Open, Honest, Caring

    • Class 8 - Practice 2: Ten-Stroke for Balance

    • Audio of April 27th Group Session

    • Video of April 27th Group Session

  • 11

    Next steps

    • Congratulations for Doing the Work! A Message from GuruMeher.

    • More Ways to Keep Learning and Growing

    • Please Share With Me Your Experience