Life doesn’t have to be an emotional roller coaster

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    Free yourself from emotional turmoil and stop getting stuck


    See the gifts in all emotions (including the ones you hate)

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    Be less volatile! Use emotions' healing - rather than harmful - power

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What exactly will I get out of the course?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Master the SOS Method to resolve even the most troubling feelings

  • Understand the purpose and gifts of Anxiety, Depression, Anger and all "7 Heavy Heroes"

  • Heal the wounds of earlier trauma and release toxic coping mechanisms

  • Practice 55 specific techniques for quick access to relief on demand

  • Develop a life-long set of skills to use in any tough situation

  • Cultivate healthy emotional habits and energetic boundaries, the ability to feel better and not “take on” other people’s energy

  • Enjoy Empathic Sensitivity as a gift using healthy energetic boundaries

Before and After Situations from Our Students

Just a few transformations that occurred last year:

----------Wow, I hadn’t seen my silent resentment of my partner for not doing enough for me. I denied desires and felt unworthy. The course saved my marriage! --------------------------------------My job and boss made me miserable. I blamed everyone and everything, always telling myself I would quit someday. One day in the Fear meditation I saw the source of my intimidation. It took coaching and practice to finally speak up about what i want. She was happy to know and to do things to keep me on.------------------------------------------------- ----------My brother and dad have put me down, diminished my good side and rarely been nice - all my life! The Shame module made clear the effects of that, and the Anger module helped regain my self-respect. From there I learned to speak up, set boundaries and ultimately be free. They treat me well or don’t get to see me! ---------------------------------------------I would be down for days when i got triggered. We learned how to process sad and depressive feelings so I am triggered less often and bounce back quicker. ------------------------------It has always been painful to be so sensitive and empathic. If someone else was sad or suffering, I was worse. In the group calls I found I wasn’t alone. Then, understanding the value and purpose of each emotion, along with the weekly practices which rebuilt my broken energetic boundaries… I can safely enjoy my gifts of feeling. ----------------------------------------------I’m a big giver, always helping. I became increasingly mistreated and miserable until this course shined a light on my shame-based pleasing to avoid conflict. No more! The switch was checking how I feel and taking care of myself too. --------------------------------------------I was always dissatisfied, complaining about everything in my life or stuck dreaming about what would make me happy. E.L. showed me how to examine my desires so I always know what I need and take action to make things better. -------------------------------------------------My problem was I would ruminate obsessively over people that hurt me. I have become empowered by the lessons of earlier mistreatment and am at peace with my past.

How Does the Course Work? What Will I be Doing?

This well-designed and structured experience has the tools, support, and pacing you need to improve mental/ emotional wellbeing. The combination of "anytime" self-study and regular group sessions in a weekly structure works wonders. You can read here all that Emotional Liberation includes. But don' get overwhelmed! We are adult learners with full lives. Do the course YOUR way, not to please anyone or compete. People find great benefit at all levels of participation. I will encourage you to find what fits into your life. Feeling better is the whole point!

  • Weekly video classes to progressively build new awareness and skills at the perfect pace for lasting change

  • Weekly live group coaching sessions under GuruMeher’s expert guidance so you will learn from others, ask questions and receive help, making real improvements to both your inner and outer quality of life

  • New guided meditation practices each week for your personal practice to form the foundation for this transformational journey and fuel your personal evolution

  • 4 private coaching sessions with GuruMeher to accelerate your personal growth and help you safely process trauma and difficult emotions

  • The Senses of the Soul book or e-book so that you can use it as a reference manual to quickly locate the tools you need, when you need them

  • The Senses of the Soul audio book so that you can listen on the go and practice the guided meditations

  • Pre- and post-course assessments so you can notice emotional patterns, track personal growth and see how far you’ve come

  • Peer support in the group sessions builds safety, trust, confidence and helps you understand that everyone has common emotional upsets and patterns from the past – and can heal them!

  • A year of mentorship with GuruMeher, an expert in emotional wellness, engaged in personal growth and healing to resolve many old issues

  • Course materials are yours to access and keep for life.

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Marie-Michelle shares SOS changes

Course Schedule and Topics

Senses of the Soul - our class textbook - is carefully covered step by step

After you view a new video and practice the exercises each week, we meet on Zoom on the dates shown for sharing and coaching

From a Few of Our Liberated Fans

“Better than 20 years of therapy!”

Lisa Davidowitz

“We all experience emotions. But do we respond to these signals beneficially? GuruMeher Khalsa’s “Senses of the Soul” provides holistic guidance for listening to and responding to our most challenging feelings. He compassionately weaves science and spirituality together with 52 kriyas that help you transform emotional energy into evolutionary wisdom.”

Susan Bernstein, PhD (Somatic Psychology)

“When I get triggered, when the anger or the fear is so strong I freeze up and get blocked, now I know how to step back… Then I can do the SOS method, work with the emotion and get through the situation.”

Dr. Cliff

“I came to see that I have been blaming myself for mistakes in the past and all of this life misery came from my own feeling that I deserve to be punished… That is the key to healing this pattern and now it’s begun.”


“Now instead of discounting my emotion and, ‘How do I get rid of it?’, now it’s ‘Oh this is what I’m feeling and I wonder where that’s coming from’. This is a richer way of experiencing myself: it’s real, it’s me, it’s fulfilling and I love it. Life feels good again.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will this take?

    As adult learners, we each do it our way, with the time we have available. Here is the full menu: 60-75 minutes weekly at your convenience to watch the video class, which includes a practice session 90 minutes weekly for our live group coaching call with GuruMeher 11-31 minutes suggested daily meditation That’s less than 3 hours per week, plus a suggested daily practice. This supportive structure will keep you engaged and growing.

  • When does it start?

    May 4th and May 6th, 2021 are the first group coaching sessions in which we meet and get oriented to start your weekly home study. You can watch the weekly videos anytime and then choose one of the two live groups to join each week: Tuesdays 7:30 – 9pm EST or Thursdays 2 – 3:30pm EST. If you miss the group call, all are recorded!

  • Is this worth the investment?

    What’s it costing you when you use feeling bad as a reason to avoid things? How is it impacting your relationships when you take your bad mood out on the people around you? What’s it like keep to re-living past trauma with no tools to deal with it? Emotional Liberation will ultimately save you countless hours of suffering. What’s it worth to you to set yourself free?

  • What if this doesn’t work? Any guarantees?

    Everyone can feel better from working with their emotions. We’ve never had anyone go through the course without self-reporting tremendous personal benefit. Your emotions exist to guide and heal. No matter what your fears or beliefs are coming into this course, you will experience a radical improvement in your relationship with your emotions, as well as a dramatic decrease in the time you spend feeling bad. Working closely with GuruMeher in a supportive environment, you’ll experience benefits that many report to be more effective than years of therapy. This is not a one-time fix; this is a life-changing personal transformation. You will develop innate skills of inner guidance, self-healing and personal power to use for the rest of your life. AND, If you take the first 8 weeks, participate fully, and you don’t see the tremendous value and promise of continuing for the remaining 8 months, I’ll return your investment. (Conditions of participation apply.)

  • I’ve done online courses before and never finished them. How will this be any different?

    You will be in direct contact with GuruMeher every week. As your personal mentor, GuruMeher will be in touch in the event that you disappear or start to miss sessions unexpectedly. You won’t be left on your own to figure out how to integrate the course materials into your life. The weekly live coaching calls will keep you on track and give you the opportunity to ask questions, plus you’ll also get one-on-one coaching with GuruMeher.

  • What if I can’t make it to the live sessions?

    During this 10-month course, people often have vacations and life events that require missing class. This is normal and not a problem. Each session is recorded for individual access anytime, so you can easily listen to any sessions you miss. Group session day and time will be scheduled to accommodate a variety of timezones around the world.

  • Are there any bonuses?

    Yes! Join GuruMeher for a special weekend workshop towards the end of the course. You’ll also get special access and reduced pricing to additional private coaching sessions and any of GuruMeher’s other workshops during the year. You also get free access to the Emotional Liberation Community. When in session, that includes additional 90-minute weekly "group self-therapy" live coaching and sharing calls.

  • Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

    Yes. While this life-changing course is modestly priced, we hope to make it widely available. - We see tremendous synergistic benefits when people do this work with others they are close to. So, when you enroll, your family and shared household members may enroll concurrently at a special 50% discount. - If you’ve taken an 8-week course with GuruMeher this year, you can deduct that fee from this tuition, to be issued as a refund after enrollment. - Requests for discounts disadvantaged international exchange rates will be considered. - A few partial scholarships are considered each year. Email to inquire about these or to send your previous course receipt.

  • What if I have additional questions?

    It's a life-changing opportunity - and a big decision. GuruMeher would be happy to meet you, discuss details and answer questions to assist your decision. Email or schedule a conversation on the Private Coaching tab at

What’s my investment?

What are the many costs of emotional struggles? What would it be worth to have emotional facility and maturity? ••••••• JOIN US with a one-time payment, or $500 deposit and 10 monthly payments of $265.

  • $3,295.00

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  • $500.00 first payment, $285.00 / month onwards

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My Promise to You........................ Feel Better, Guaranteed!

Based on the benefits and results I have seen in a decade of teaching Emotional Liberation to hundreds of people, I am so confident it will also bring you many good changes, I’ll offer you this:

  • Take the first 8 weeks, participate fully, and if you don’t see the tremendous value and promise of continuing for the remaining 8 months, I’ll return your investment.

  • The fine print: Give it a good try. In the first 8 weeks, watch 90% of the videos, doing the included practices, and attend 90% of the group sessions to be eligible for a refund less a $179 administrative handling fee.


GuruMeher Khalsa

Author and Lead Teacher

GuruMeher Khalsa is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Professional Life Coach who has been teaching and counseling for forty years. A personal quest for healing and his clinical experience with clients led to his discovery of the key role of emotions as a natural system of psychological self-healing. Emotional Liberation joins his first book, Senses of the Soul: Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance in providing a simple and effective method to use difficult feelings as tools for personal growth. GuruMeher teaches workshops, classes, and trainings on emotional skills around the world and online, while continuing to work with clients, couples and groups. See more at
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More About S.O.S.

Bonus Extras

Your course includes:

  • Annual Weekend Workshop

    $300 value

    You are invited to our yearly reunion of Emotional Liberation graduates and friends for an advanced in-depth experience.

  • Emotional Liberation Community weekly sessions

    $600 Value

    While in the course, you may join this monthly subscription group for an extra 90-minute session of sharing, coaching, and content every week

  • Extra Coaching Sessions with GuruMeher

    $70 discount per session

    Your tuition includes 4 private coaching sessions. You may take additional sessions at the student rate of $125.

The Journey Begins!

This is a once-a-year journey of healing and empowerment. If not now, when?

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  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

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Course curriculum

This is a partial list of the course content.

  • 1

    Welcome to the course! Complete the Orientation Here

    • 1 - GuruMeher Welcomes You to EL

    • 2 - Course Platform Orientation

    • 3 - Getting to Know You Survey

    • 4 - Take This Pre-Course Emotional Assessment (Take your time. You can do this in several sessions if you like.)

    • 5 - Coaching Agreement

    • 6 - Schedule Your First Private Coaching Session

    • 7 - Download Course Schedule Here

    • 8 - Share Here with Others in the Course

  • 2

    Foundations for Emotional Liberation Class 1

    • Foundations Class 1 - A New Understanding: Emotions Are Your Friends

    • Class 1 Study Guide - Download and submit

    • View Meditation Instructions: New Relationship to Feelings

    • Audio Guided Meditation: New Relationship to Feelings

    • View Meditation Instructions: Your Sensory System - Feeling for Information

    • Audio Guided Meditation: Your Sensory System - Feeling for Information

  • 3

    Foundations for Emotional Liberation Class 2

    • Foundations Class 2 - Your Sensory System: Faster Learning, Less Suffering

    • Class 2 Study Guide - Download and submit

    • Meditation Instructions: The Development of Your Sensory System: A Guided Journey

    • Audio Guided Meditation: The Development of Your Sensory System: A Guided Journey

    • View Meditation Instructions: Increase Peace

    • Audio Guided Meditation: Increase Peace with Emotional Balance Breath

  • 4

    Foundations for Emotional Liberation Class 3

    • Foundations Class 3 - How to Use Emotions as Intuition: The SOS Method

    • Class 3 Study Guide - Download and submit

    • View Meditation Instructions: Emotion as Intuition - Seeing Clearly

    • Audio Guided Meditation: Emotion as Intuition - Seeing Clearly

  • 5

    Foundations for Emotional Liberation Class 4

    • Foundations Class 4 - Meet Your Emotional Allies: 7 Heavy Heroes

    • Class 4 Study Guide - Download and submit

    • View Meditation Instructions: A Guided Tour of the Seven Emotions and Pride

    • Audio Guided Meditation: Emotion as Intuition - A Guided Tour of the Seven Emotions and Pride

  • 6

    DESIRE Class 1

    • Desire-Class-01-1

  • 7

    DESIRE Class 2

    • Desire-Class-02-1

  • 8

    DESIRE Class 3

    • Desire-Class-03-1

  • 9

    DESIRE Class 4

    • Desire-Class-04-1

  • 10

    FEAR Class 1

    • Sos-Fear-Class-01b-1

  • 11

    FEAR Class 2

    • Sos-Fear-Class-02b-1

  • 12

    FEAR Class 3

    • Sos-Fear-Class-03b-1

  • 13

    FEAR Class 4

    • Sos-Fear-Class-04b-1

  • 14

    ANGER Class 1

    • Anger-Class-01-1

  • 15

    ANGER Class 2

    • Anger-Class-02-1

  • 16

    ANGER Class 3

    • Sos-Anger-Class-03-1

  • 17

    ANGER Class 4

    • Sos-Anger-Class-04-1

  • 18

    SHAME Class 1

    • Sos-Shame,-Class-01-1

  • 19

    SHAME Class 2

    • Sos-Shame,-Class-02-1

  • 20

    SHAME Class 3

    • Sos-Shame,-Class-03-1

  • 21

    SHAME Class 4

    • Sos-Shame,-Class-04-1

  • 22

    GRIEF Class 1

    • Grief-Class-01-1a-1

  • 23

    GRIEF Class 2

    • Grief-Class-02_1-1

  • 24

    GRIEF Class 3

    • Grief-Class-03-1

  • 25

    GRIEF Class 4

    • Grief-Class-04-1

  • 26

    DEPRESSION Class 1

    • Depression-Class-01-1

  • 27

    DEPRESSION Class 2

    • Depression-Class-02-1

  • 28

    DEPRESSION Class 3

    • Depression-Class-03-1

  • 29

    DEPRESSION Class 4

    • Depression-Class-04-1

  • 30

    GUILT Class 1

    • Sos-Guilt,-Class-1-1

  • 31

    GUILT Class 2

    • Sos-Guilt,-Class-2-1

  • 32

    GUILT Class 3

    • Sos-Guilt,-Class-3-1

  • 33

    GUILT Class 4

    • Sos-Guilt,-Class-4-1

  • 34


    • Sos-Healing-Trauma,-Class-01-1

  • 35


    • Sos-Healing-Trauma,-Class-02-1

  • 36


    • Sos-Healing-Trauma,-Class-03-1

  • 37


    • Sos-Healing-Trauma,-Class-04-1

  • 38

    Foundations Module Audiobook. Chapters 1, 2, 3

    • 06 - Chapter 1 THE END OF EMOTIONAL SUFFERING_ A New Understanding of Your Emotions

    • 07 - Listening_ A Problem and the Cure

    • 08 - Emotions_ Misunderstood Friends, with Benefits

    • 09 - Happiness Is Your Natural State

    • 10 - Exercise 1 - _A New Relationship to Your Feelings_ with _Long Deep Breathing_

    • 11 - You Have Control

    • 12 - Yogi Bhajan

    • 13 - Emotional Liberation_ A Very Practical Goal

    • 14 - Emotions_ Why You Have Them, Why You Need Them

    • 16 - Sensory System Groundwork

    • 17 - Purpose of Emotions

    • 18 - Emotions Revisited_ The Hurt in Order to Help

    • 19 - Emotions Don't Feel Good

    • 20 - Dinosuar or Adapter_ Which Will You Be_

    • 21 - Exercise 3 - _The Development of Your Sensory System_ A Guided Journey_

    • 22 - Capture Your Gains for Exercise 3

    • 23 - Emotions Serve the Challenges of Our Times

    • 24 - Access to a Higher Self_ The Sensory Self

    • 25 - Greater Sensitivity Is the Problem and the Solution

    • 26 - Faster Learning

    • 15 - Exercise 2 - _Your Sensory System_ Feeling for Information_

    • 27 - Desperately Seeking Stimulation

    • 28 - Senses of the Soul

    • 29 - Exercise 4 - _Increase Peace_ with _Emotional Balance Breath_

    • 30 - Emotions are your friends...

    • 31 - Chapter 1 Self-Study_ Establish a New Relationship with Emotions

    • 32 - Chapter 1 Ideas to Use_ New Truths to Remember about Emotions

    • 33 - Chapter 2 GETTING EMOTIONS TO WORK FOR YOU_ Use Your Feelings as the Senses of the Soul

    • 34 - Feelings_ Devilish or Divine_

    • 35 - Misuses of Emotion_ Reaction and Repression

    • 36 - Emotional Reaction

    • 37 - Emotional Repression

    • 38 - My Dad's Difficulty Dealing With Feelings

    • 39 - You Are Not Alone_ Emotional Pain By the Numbers

    • 40 - Can't Stop the Feeling

    • 41 - Emotions as Allies

    • 42 - How to Use Your Feelings

    • 43 - Mary's Meditation

    • 44 - The Same Clear State That Meditation Offers Us

    • 45 - Emotional Map

    • 46 - Mind's Proper Place

    • 47 - Exercise 5 - _Emotion as Intuition_ with _See Clearly_ and _The SOS Method_

    • 48 - Capture Your Gains for Exercise 5

    • 49 - The Shortened SOS Method

    • 51 - Reorientation

    • 52 - Energy Management

    • 53 - The Four Roles Emotions Play

    • 50 - How Tracie Used the SOS Method with Her Anger

    • 54 - Emotions Are Right Even When They Are Wrong

    • 55 - The Reward_ Feeling Good Is Your Base

    • 56 - Chapter 2 Self Study_ Build Rapport with Your Emotions

    • 57 - Chapter 2 Ideas to Use_ Principles of Emotional Liberation

    • 58 - Emotions Compared_ The Seven Heavy Heroes and Their Gifts

    • 59 - Chapter 3 MEET YOUR EMOTIONS_ Introducing the Seven Heavy Heroes

    • 60 - The Seven Heavy Heroes

    • 61 - Emotions Reflect and Expand Your Consciousness

    • 62 - Exercise 6 - _A Guided Tour of the Seven Emotions and Pride_ with _Listen Within_

    • 63 - Capture Your Gains for Exercise 6

    • 64 - Ramanahs Strength of Feelings

    • 65 - The Higher Emotions_ What About the Good Stuff

    • 66 - Work This Book

    • 67 - The Purpose of the Seven Heavy Heroes

    • 68 - Chapter 3 Self-Study and Life Project